Camila Cabello

Singer & Songwriter
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Captured video footage while hiking in Chile's Southern Patagonia of what she believes are UFOs.

While hiking with her parents in South America, singer Camila Cabello believes that she accidentally caught video footage of UFOs. Cabello explains that the hiking trails she was travelling had recently been reported to have unusual activity that many believed were UFO-related. Previously skeptical of extraterrestrial existence, Cabello is now unsure what to think.

Looking through pictures of their trip, Camila's father noticed the strange objects that Camila unwittingly captured while her parents posed for a picture. In slowed-down footage, three dark orbs speed through the sky over her parents heads and go behind a mountain. Cabello avers, "It's not a bird. It's not a phone thing. I think the aliens trusted me to capture a UFO moment."


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