USS Kearsarge Sighting

October 2021
Photo of the USS Kearsarge.
Photo of the USS Kearsarge.

In October 2021, over the course of several days off the East Coast of the United States, U.S. Navy crew members on the USS Kearsarge reported being followed by two car-sized "balls of light."

On deck crew members reported that the two car-sized bright objects followed the Kearsarge, a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship in the U.S. Navy, about 200 feet above the surface of the ocean and about 1/2 mile behind the ship. Crew on the Kearsarge checked in with headquarters and were told it was "not ours."

At this point, commanding officers aboard the USS Kearsarge decided to deploy anti-drone weapons to investigate and potentially disable the objects.

Video profiled the USS Kearsarge and USS Kidd UFO sightings.
They were unaffected by the weapons, and continued to perform fast-paced, swooping maneuvers

Dave Beaty, UFO researcher and TV journalist, wrote an in-depth blog post about his attempts to gather more information about this incident via FOIA requests, and communication with senior military officers. It is thought that crew members have video of this object, but no specific videos have been shared with the public.


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Unidentified craft.


Eyewitness accounts. FLIR cameras did not record the objects. Unknown if they appeared on radar.

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