Witness to Roswell: 75th Anniversary Edition

By Thomas J. Carey & Donald R. Schmitt
Witness to Roswell: 75th Anniversary Edition

The 2022 updated version of the original 2007 book covering the Roswell incident by revealing the details as told by witnesses of the event.

"Witness to Roswell: 75th Anniversary Edition," written by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, was re-published in 2022. The authors cover the high-profile Roswell incident of 1947 with the events revealed by the witnesses. The new edition contains updated information since the 2007 version, "Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60-Year Cover-Up." It includes new witnesses that have come forward since the original publication as well as new details that have arisen about the case. Many of the eyewitnesses attest to having held the material from the crash site and give their own theories on its possible origin.

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