The "Jellyfish" UFO - How It Happened & What It Means

In the fall of 2017, security personnel at a U.S. military base in Iraq detected a highly unusual intruder. The bizarre object was essentially invisible to all but a thermal imaging system.

In this episode of WEAPONIZED, Jeremy and George reveal details about how and when they obtained a video of the sensational Jellyfish UFO, what steps were taken to try and discern what it might be, and also respond to spurious attempts to explain away the jellyfish UFO as something other than a legitimate UAP. That Jellyfish video exploded onto the UFO scene days ago and has now been viewed by millions of people around the world. Included in this episode are comments from one of the military personnel who was present at the base soon after the incident.

17:00 Video #1, October 2017, Iraq
27:50 Video #2, October 2017, Iraq

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Hikepatagonia Verified
2 weeks ago » Keeping it light
Very interesting UFO shape!
theufodatabase Verified
0 years ago » Opinion
We'd like to know more about the connection between the two videos. If these videos are showing the same object, it seems to dismiss the theory that this is due to a "smudge" on the camera c... Moreasing. This could be a floating balloon of some sort. There's just not enough information to say for certain what this is.

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