Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain UFO

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain UFO

In 1974, an unexplained luminous phenomenon occurred over Barcelona, leaving countless witnesses bewildered. This AFP picture captures the mysterious event. Fast forward to June 2003, when I stumbled upon your website and felt compelled to share my own UFO encounter. As a young child of merely two years old, I, along with my parents and friends, bore witness to a truly astonishing phenomenon on June 12, 1974. It was an event that left an indelible mark, even though my memories are somewhat hazy due to my tender age at the time. This inexplicable phenomenon, witnessed by tens of thousands, unfolded rapidly and chaotically. From my vantage point in the village of [retained by webmaster], Girona, we observed a colossal, luminous, and cloudy formation stretching from France, visible in Spanish Catalonia, to the province of Barcelona, a distance of over 100 kilometers. This celestial spectacle played out between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM. My family possesses precious Super 8 footage and photographs that we captured from our house during this event. Furthermore, we have preserved newspaper clippings from June 14 that reported on the phenomenon, with articles from Midi Libre and l'Indépendant. As fervent enthusiasts of the UFO phenomenon, we have always been perplexed by the complete absence of explanations from both the Spanish and French authorities regarding this extraordinary occurrence. Some speculated it might have been a failed ballistic test, but no official statement was ever made. Being well aware of the 1989-90 UFO flap in Belgium, we have always maintained a keen interest in this 1974 event, which now transpires to be almost three decades old. As part of my work on a documentary-fiction project about ufology, I have spent considerable time attempting to uncover more information about this mysterious event. I must convey my gratitude for your website and commend the exceptional work you've accomplished, Patrick. I am eager to contribute scanned photographs or stills from the Super 8 footage to further the understanding of this enigma and to gain additional insights into the 1974 event.

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