Tic-Tac Video Recorded

Tic-Tac Video Recorded
Naval aviator corroborates radar anomalies with visual observation as he chases UFO off the coast of San Diego.

Lt. Cmdr David Fravor was a US Navy aviator flying involved in training exercises with the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in 2004 off the coast of southern California. Fravor had been a Navy aviator for 18 years at the time when, on Nov 14, 2004, he sought to investigate radar anomalies that had been reported by another ship within the Strike Group. These radar observations reported by the USS Princeton--which they had been seeing for the previous two weeks--suggested unknown craft were operating in nearby airspace. The radar data suggested these craft were behaving unusually: rapid changes in altitude, hovering, disappearing into the ocean, extreme rates of speed, etc. Fravor and another pilot, Alex Dietrich, investigated these radar sightings and came upon a white, Tic-Tac shaped craft that was moving in a manner unlike any known terrestrial craft. Fravor and Dietrich have proven to be some of the most credible witnesses to a UFO event in recorded history.


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