William H. Fortenberry

Air Force Pilot
Source: Project 1947

Pilot for Pan American World Airways witnessed eight UFOs with co-pilot, William B. Nash, while flying over the Chesapeake Bay in 1952.

William H. Fortenberry had been a former pilot with the Navy air experimental wing. While flying for Pan American World Airways on July 14, 1952 and over the Chesapeake Bay, Second Officer Fortenberry and co-pilot, First Officer William B. Nash, spotted six bright lights moving at incredible speeds below them in an echelon formation, a diagonal straight line. The unidentified crafts drastically changed directions and were met by two more flying objects. All eight objects accelerated to higher altitudes before disappearing from view. Both pilots estimated the entire sequence of events to last around 10 to 12 seconds.

The U.S. Airforce interviewed the pilots the following day and Project Blue Book later classifed this event as "unknown." The pilots stated, "Whoever was in those things had capacities far beyond our own. Those things absolutely did not contain any human beings as we know them."

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