Thornton Leigh Page

Astrophysicist & Radar Expert
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Professor of astronomy and a committee member on the Robertson Panel which examined evidence on UFOs.

Thornton Leigh Page was an astronomy professor at the University of Chicago and Wesleyan College. He served as a member on the Robertson Panel. The committee was formed at the CIA's recommendation after reviewing data from Project Blue Book to look further into UFO sightings. At the conclusion of the Robertson Panel, it concluded that UFOs were not an immediate threat to US security, but due to the public's interest and possibility of clogging up military communication, it was decided that it would be best to deter people from reporting sightings. The Legacy Of The Nibelung: Luis Altamirano Cañoles Forerunner Of Ufology In Chile summary. El Legado Del Nibelungo: Luis Altamirano Cañoles Precursor De La Ufología En Chile summary Ufología Aeronaútica - Aeronautical Ufology

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