Thomas R. Wilson

U.S. Navy & Defense Intelligence Agency
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Allegedly met with astrophysicts to discuss a secret shadow government program to reverse engineer alien technology.

Retired United States Navy admiral and intelligence professional Thomas R. Wilson served as the 13th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Wilson held various intelligence-related positions, including serving as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence for the Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, and Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Wilson oversaw the DIA's global intelligence operations, an he played a key role in intelligence support during major military operations, such as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Following his retirement from the military, Wilson was involved in various private sector roles, including serving on the boards of several defense and intelligence-related companies. He has also been an advocate for improvements in intelligence collection, analysis, and sharing within the United States government.

Wilson is alleged to have met with Dr. Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who has worked as a consultant for the Pentagon and other government agencies to discuss a secret UFO-related government program that involved reverse-engineering of alien technology. The contents of their alleged meeting forms the much debated "Wilson Davis Memo." The document's origins are difficult to trace, and no concrete evidence has been presented to definitively prove its authenticity. Additionally, both Wilson and Davis have not publicly commented on the alleged meeting or the memo's contents, further complicating efforts to verify its legitimacy.


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