Ronald S. Moultrie

U.S. Department of Defense
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Intelligence member that spoke on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense at 2021 UAP/UFO hearing.

American national security and intelligence professional Ronald S. Moultrie has held various positions in the U.S. government. He began his career as a submarine officer and intelligence specialist in the U.S. Navy, where he served for over two decades. After retiring from the Navy, he worked for the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense, where he focused on cybersecurity, intelligence collection, and national security policy.

In 2017, Moultrie was appointed as the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Military Affairs, where he advises the Director of National Intelligence on issues related to military intelligence and security. He is a recognized expert in cybersecurity and has been a strong advocate for increased investment in cybersecurity and the development of more effective cyber defenses. Moultrie has also been involved in efforts to improve the diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups in the national security field.

2021 UAP Hearings

Moultrie was part of a group of former government officials and scientists who briefed congressional committees on UAPs in June 2021. During the briefing, he spoke about the potential national security implications of UAP sightings and urged the government to take the issue seriously. Moultrie emphasized the importance of increasing transparency on the topic and developing a more comprehensive scientific understanding of UAPs. His extensive experience in national security and emerging technologies makes him a valuable voice in discussions related to potential national security threats from new and unconventional technologies.


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