João Martins

News Reporter

Journalist who witnessed a UFO at Barra da Tijuca in 1952

While working on a job for the Brazilian magazine, O Cruzeiro, Joao Martins, magazine journalist, and press photographer, Ed Keffel, witnessed an unusual flying object. While at Barra da Tijuca, Martins first noticed an unusual craft but took it to be an airplane. Then, when he realized it was flying sideways, immediately alerted Keffel who was able to capture five photographs of it.

Martins wrote the following in a personal statement about the event, "Besides being a journalist, I am also an engineer; and I also have a large experience and knowledge of meteorological, astronomical, and optical phenomena. I have experience of all known types of aircraft and can state that the referred object cannot be framed in any natural phenomena or aircraft of my knowledge."


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