Jim Slaight

U.S. Navy Pilot
Source: Linkedin

Navy pilot who witnessed the famous 2004 Nimitz UFO sighting.

While on a routine training mission off the coast of San Diego, the USS Princeton radioed Lieutenant Commander Jim Slaight and Commander David Fravor who were each flying F-18s to investigate an unusual flying object that they had been tracking for two weeks. At first, neither pilots' radar picked up anything, nor could they see anything. Then, they spotted an oval-shaped object hovering about 50 feet above the ocean. When Fravor got closer, the object took off at unheard of speeds. Slaight described it as if it had been "shot out of a rifle." Shortly afterward, radar picked up the UAP at the secret CAP point 60 miles ahead of the F-18s. This incident became known as the Nimitz Encounter.

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