Bryon Palmer

Radio News Reporter, Film & TV Actor
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Read the first accounts of the artillery barrage over Los Angeles in February 1942 that is now known as the Battle of Los Angeles. Later joined the Air Force and managed a radio station in the Pacific from which he read the news and provided entertainment programming.

Growing up in California the son of a newspaper owner, Byron Palmer was destined for life in media. Palmer worked in various media outlets, including roles reading news of CBS radio and other affiliates. It was in one of these roles that he read the breaking news of intense military activity over Los Angeles in February, 1942, as US defense forces fired over 1000 rounds at an unidentified craft(s).

Palmer later joined the US Air Force, where he operated a radio station where he read news and provided entertainment programming in the Pacific. Following the war, Palmer performed in film and on Broadway and was MC of various beauty pageants and other televised events.


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