Avi Loeb

Theoretical Physicist
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Harvard Professor of astrophysics and cosmology known for his interest in panspermia, 'Oumuamua, and for spearheading the Galileo Project.

The longest serving chair of Harvard University's Department of Astronomy, Professor Avi Loeb is best known by the UFO community because of his media-friendly demeanor and involvement in the following topics and projects:

Meteor Recovery - An attempt to recover fragments of a meteor that crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014. Loeb and one of his students first became interested in this meteor due to its unusual speed and composition. Loeb stated, "The material of it is tougher than iron, based on the data, so the question is whether it's just an unusual rock or perhaps a spacecraft from another civilisation."

'Oumuamua - Loeb expressed interest in, and wrote a book (2021) about the possibility that interstellar object 'Oumuamua might be of artificial origin. The unusual geometry and motion of the object are the main sources for this reasoning.

The Galileo Project - Loeb is spearheading The Galileo Project, a privately-funded search for extraterrestrial evidence. Differing from previous and current attempts to detect electromagnetic signals, The Galileo Project plans to use sensor data to search for physical extraterrestrial objects that are potential alien technology.


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