Letter and drawing by Arnold to Air Force Intelligence

Letter and drawing by Arnold to Air Force Intelligence
This letter and annotated drawing was submitted to Air Force Intelligence by Kenneth Arnold on July 12, 1947.

Page 9 of a detailed letter submitted by Kenneth Arnold to the Air Force Intelligence. Full text of this page reads as follows:

Page 9

I have received lots of requests from people who told me to make a lot of wild guesses. I have based what I have written here in the article on positive facts and as far as guessing what it was I observed, it is just as much a mystery to me as it is to the rest of the world.

My pilot's license is 333487. I fly a Callair airplane; it is a three-place single engine land ship that is designed and manufactured at Afton, Wyoming as an extremely high performance, high altitude airplane that was made for mountain work. The national certificate of my plane is 33355.

Kenneth Arnold

Box 587

Boise, Idaho

traveling this way →

[sketch 1]


they seemed longer than wide their thickness was about 1/20th of their width

[sketch 2]

side view

traveling this way →

Mirror Bright

They did not appear to me to whirl or spin but seemed in fixed position traveling as I have made drawing.

Kenneth Arnold


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