Flying Saucers on the Attack

By Harold T. Wilkins
Flying Saucers on the Attack

1954 book that delved into the early years of the modern UFO era, examining various sightings, theories, and potential implications of these mysterious objects on society.

"Flying Saucers on the Attack" was written by Harold T. Wilkins, a British journalist and researcher, and published in 1954. The book explored the early years of the modern UFO era, discussing various UFO sightings, encounters, and reports from around the world, and speculating on the possible origins of these mysterious objects. Wilkins analyzes various theories surrounding the nature of UFOs, including the extraterrestrial hypothesis, secret military projects, and natural phenomena. The book provides an intriguing look into the UFO phenomenon during a time when interest in the subject was rapidly growing and serves as a historical record of the early discourse on the topic.

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