By Carl Sagan

The best-selling book was a companion to the "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" television series and covered billions of years of cosmology up through the development of human consciousness and the modern science of the time.

Cosmos, written by Carl Sagan, was published in 1980. At the time of publication, it became the best-selling science book of all time. Much of its success came from Sagan's popular television series, "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage." The book mirrored its 13 chapters based on topic covered in the 13 episodes. It covers a range of scientific concepts such as the exploration of space, DNA, the human brain, and the universe in ways the average person can understand. In the book, Sagan repeats his belief that the universe could allow for numerous advanced civilizations but he does not believe that there was any evidence of extraterrestrial life having visited Earth.

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