CIA Role in the Study of UFO's, 1940 - 1990

By Gerald K. Haines
CIA Role in the Study of UFO's, 1940 - 1990

Reveals the CIA agency's covert history with UFOs.

In "CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1940 - 1990," Gerald K. Haines chronicled the Central Intelligence Agency's historical engagement with the UFO phenomenon. His detailed account described how the CIA monitored UFO sightings and reports due to concerns about national security and the potential for Soviet disinformation during the Cold War era.

Haines examined classified documents and the agency's internal responses, revealing how the CIA's involvement shaped public perception and governmental policy on UFOs. The book shed light on the intrigue of governmental secrecy and the complex interplay between intelligence agencies and the mysterious reports of unidentified flying objects. Through this exposition, Haines demystified some aspects of the CIA's secret operations and their role in a contentious field often rife with speculation.


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