Robertson Panel Commences

Robertson Panel Commences
Robertson Panel initiated following a CIA inquiry into Project Blue Book findings.

The Robertson Panel was initiated in 1953 following a CIA inquiry into the findings of Project Blue Book. The committee, comprised of a small team of physicists and astrophysicists, reviewed 23 prominent UFO cases from the Air Force files for 12 total hours, over the course of 5 days. The committee released findings later in 1953 stating that there was no credible evidence of a national security concern and pointing to natural causes for most known reports. One outcome of the proceedings was that enthusiasm for future UFO research was considered by many in Washington to be a waste of time and resources, sourcing interest on the topic among many officials. James E. McDonald claimed that after the Robertson Panel the CIA directed the US Air Force to attempt to debunk and limit UFO reporting as much as possible.


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