Stephen Spignesi

Author & Professor
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Co-wrote The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures & Truth: A Comprehensive Examination with William J. Birnes in 2018.

Stephen Spignesi, made his mark as a prolific author on various facets of popular culture, with recognized expertise on subjects like Stephen King, The Beatles, Robin Williams, and several iconic TV shows. His expertise extends into the realms of American history, U.S. Presidents, the Titanic, true crime, and paranormal studies. Entertainment Weekly once dubbed him "the world's leading authority on Stephen King," a title he has lived up to by teaching courses on King's horror fiction and the history of the Titanic.

He has been featured in A&E's biography of Stephen King and the ITV documentary "Autopsy: Robin Williams." Spignesi's debut novel, "Dialogues," earned acclaim for its innovative take on the psychological thriller genre. Spignesi co-wrote the Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures & Truth in 2018.

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