Sergio Bravo Flores

Airport Meteorologist
Source: dgac

Director of first UFO (OVNI) study in Chile in 1968.

Anomalous Aerial Phenomena have been officially reported in Chile since 1968, beginning at the former Chilean Meteorological Office in Santiago. Aviation Colonel Sergio Bravo Flores, the office's director, led the Chilean Commission for Studies of Unidentified Space Phenomena with the support of the Chilean Society of Scientists. The members met periodically to discuss and analyze scientific advancements in the 1960s. A "Provisional Committee" composed of experts from various fields was formed to investigate these phenomena. The commission, which operated until 1975, aimed to seriously determine the true causes behind these occurrences.

Bravo Flores states his primary responsibility was to gather reports from the meteorological and telegraph stations that the Office maintained from Arica to Chilean Antarctic territory. He added that on July 9, 1968, he sent the first official memo, requesting reports from 43 aeronautical facilities.


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