Rudy L. Thoren

Lockheed Engineer
Source: Calisphere

Lockheed Engineer on board a WV-2 Super Constellation who witnessed a UFO along with five other flight crew on December 16, 1953.

Thoren stated, "I might mention that I have been very skeptical of flying saucer stories, and have never even imagined seeing an object in the sky that I was not able to identify. The three of us who watched it from the airplane are all pilots who have been flying for many years on experimental test work, and are trained to have accurate observations. Kelly also has had a lot of experience in flight test work and has been flying for many years and is also a very trained observer. The fact that what he saw and what we saw appears to be identical, and the time and place identical, leads me to believe that it was not exactly an illusion that I observed."

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