Roger Leir

Podiatric Surgeon & Ufologist
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Doctor who claimed he discovered proof of "non-terrestrial experimentation on man."

Roger Leir was a podiatrist with an interest in the UFO subject that formed at an early age. He became a supporting member of the MUFON network and attended many conferences. While at a conference in 1995, he examined X-rays from someone who claimed to be an alien abductee. He alleged that he performed surgery on this woman and removed "two small foreign objects". From this experience Leir began a new career and marketed himself as a specialist in removing implants and foreign objects.

Leir claimed he had material that was removed from a patient analyzed, and the laboratory report showed commonly found elements but referenced a similar composition to that of meteors. Leir interpreted this to mean the material was of extraterrestrial origin. After numerous subsequent surgeries on similar patients, Leir further claimed some of the remove material emitted "deep space frequency" waves and had others had odd properties, like being magnetic. He also confirmed that most objects removed from patients were ordinary, everyday objects. Requests from the community for Leir to provide material for independent investigation were declined.

In 2007-2009, a Turkish man named Yalcin Yalman filmed 25 videos of an alleged UFO in Istanbul, Turkey. Leir was able to visit Turkey during this period and witness this object. Dr. Roger Leir passed away in March 2014, ten days after his final article, a piece titled "The Smoking Gun" for Un-X News Magazine.


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