Roberto Pinotti

Journalist, Writer and Ufologist
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President of Italy's National UFO Centre, Roberto Pinotti was 10 years old at the time of the Florence mass UFO sighting. He recalled seeing the white material covering the roofs of Florence. An hour later the substance had disappeared.

As a 10 year old boy, Pinotti recollects the strange substance that fell from the skies all around Florence in 1954. The white sticky material covered the roofs of the city. "It is a fact that at the same time the UFOs were seen over Florence there was a strange, sticky substance falling from above. In English we call this 'angel hair". The only problem is after a short period of time it disintegrates." As President of Italy's National UFO Center, he enjoys talking about the UFO sighting at the arena that day.

Of the Florence football incident, "The players and the public were stunned seeing these objects above the stadium. At the time, the newspapers spoke of aliens from Mars. Of course now we know that is not so – but we may conclude that it was an intelligent phenomenon, a technological phenomenon and a phenomenon that cannot be linked with anything we know on Earth."

Roberto Pinotti has written many books about the UFO phenomenon. He is an Italian writer, journalist, and ufologist. His home in Florence is filled with alien paraphernalia. Pinotti became the president of Italy's National UFO Center which he established in 1967.


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