Richard Doty

U.S. Air Force
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Former Air Force Office of Special Investigations admitted to conveying false information about aliens to ufologists for decades under government orders.

Richard Doty, a former United States Air Force Intelligence Officer in the 1980s, admitted to providing disinformation to the public about UFOs. According to Doty, on government orders, he and other agents infiltrated the UFO committee to give false information and half-truths to keep top-secret military technology hidden.

Paul Bennewitz, a New Mexico resident living near Kirtland air force base, infamously became a pawn in this scheme. Bennewitz became suspicious of alien activity when he inadvertently came across undisclosed military transmissions and viewed strange lights in the night sky. Immediately, Bennewitz reported these occurrences to the Air Force.

Doty attested that he and others were commanded to contact Bennewitz and feed him fake stories about alien cover ups, going as far as to plant supposed alien-craft crash sites for Bennewitz to discover. Eventually, Bennewitz needed to be placed into a psychiatric hospital by his family due to his spoon-fed obsession.

Doty is a controversial person in the UFO community.


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