Patrick Gokey

U.S. Navy Seaman
Source: Dave Beaty

Navy seaman aboard the USS Ronald Reagan witnessed a glowing orange blob two different times hovering over the ship.

Patrick Gokey first witnessed the orange blob while on the USS Ronald Reagan's catwalk. Gokey described the object explaining, "I just saw this orange, bright orange ball, and it was wavy, but somehow still solid like a plasma almost." After about hovering for about 30 seconds above the flight deck, it rapidly took off and disappeared. Gokey rotated positions on the ship and saw the object for a second time before it did three half circles and took off again. Based on its movements and the way it was able to take off, Gokey believes that something intelligent was controlling it. Gokey also claims that he heard an officer order a subordinate to rip out pages from a logbook which is against protocol.

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