Karol Olesiak

U.S. Navy Quartermaster
Source: Dave Beaty

Navy 3rd class petty officer and Quartermaster was one of the witnesses of a glowing orange blob over the USS Ronald Reagan.

As Quartermaster on the USS Ronald Reagan, one of Karol Olesiak's jobs was to record in the logbook. When it was Olesiak's shift, he entered onto the main bridge where he could see out onto the ship's desk. Hovering approximately 100 feet above the deck was what was described as a large fiery orange blob. He likened it to the biblical "burning bush." None of the other officers on the main bridge mentioned the glowing orb and continued with business as usual. When Olesiak asked if he should enter the object in the logbook, he was given the impression from senior officers that it should not be written down. Olesiak likened the event to the "Emperor's New Clothes" where everybody seemed to ignore the obvious and pretend it was not happening.

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