John Podesta

Political Consultant
Source: Wiki

Political consultant and advisor to Presidents Clinton, Obama, and Biden who urged for government transparency regarding UFOs.

John Podesta served as a political consultant and advisor to three different U.S. presidents: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Beginning with Clinton's presidency, Podesta urged for information on Area 51 to be released to the public. When Obama was elected, Podesta claimed his own biggest failure was not getting the UFO files released. During Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency, he got her to promise to disclose government documentation on UAPs if elected. The 1965 UFO in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania particularly intrigued Podesta. He stated, "There were clearly more documents generated than were disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act given the attention the government paid to it." He praised the progress of how the government and public react to people who come forward with UFO sightings in more recent years and anticipated the release of government information in 2021. According to Podesta, "I'm not expecting to have my wife and myself beamed up from my car into a spaceship. I just like to know what the government knows and I think the public has a right to know."

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