Jimmy Church

Broadcast Journalist & Talk-radio Host
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Hosts the popular nightly talk-radio show FADE to BLACK, focusing on paranormal, UFO, and conspiracy topics.

Jimmy Church is a renowned radio and television host, primarily known for his popular nightly talk-radio show, FADE to BLACK. The show focuses on paranormal, UFO, and conspiracy topics and features high-profile guests from various fields. In addition to FADE to BLACK, Church has been involved in numerous film and TV projects, such as "The Observers," "Extraordinary: The Revelations," "Hangar 1: The UFO Files," "The Unexplained," and "Breaking Mysterious."

Before hosting his own radio show, Church served as a fill-in host for Coast to Coast AM from 2014 to 2020. He is an influential figure in the field of paranormal and UFO research, and his show continues to grow its audience through engaging discussions and a strong social media presence across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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