Giorgio Batini

Journalist, Writer & Ufologist

A journalist who worked for a newspaper received hundreds of reports about the sightings all over Florence in 1954. He witnessed "shiny balls" in the sky and collected samples of the sticky white material to be tested at the Institute of Chemical Analysis at the University of Florence.

While working as a journalist for the Florentine newspaper La Nazione in 1954, Giorgio Batini received hundreds of phone calls about alleged UFO sightings all over Florence. He left his office building and observed fast-moving "shiny balls" in the sky.

While investigating the event, he recovered some of the white sticky material on a matchstick. Batini brought it to the University of Florence's Institute of Chemical Analysis. The lab received samples from other people as well. Professor Giovanni Canneri said the substance was not radioactive but was unable to come to any conclusive answers. It was revealed that the material contained the elements boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium.


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