Fred Meiwald

U.S. Air Force

Lieutenant present at the Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident when nuclear missiles became inoperable at the same time a UFO was reported outside the gates of the facility.

On March 16, 1967, Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander Robert Salas and his commander Lt. Fred Meiwald were in a bunker at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana monitoring nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. After receiving multiple panicked calls in the early morning hours from personnel aboveground about UFOs, Salas woke Meiwald from his scheduled time for sleep. In the middle of explaining the situation, an alarm sounded and an indicator light went off denoting a problem with one of the missile sites. Immediately following this, multiple other alarms went off and six to eight missiles were now off-line.

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