Francisco Lerdo de Tejada

Commercial Pilot

Pilot of a commercial flight was forced to make an emergency landing due to the pursuit of a UFO.

In 1979, Pilot Francisco Lerdo de Tejada for the Spanish company, Transportes Aéreos Españoles, was alerted to quickly approaching red lights about halfway through his flight. Both pilot and crew were alarmed by the lights that looked to be on a collision course with their own craft. Radioing in for information regarding the UFO, the plane was told by both the military and flight control center that the object could not be accounted for. In an effort to avoid crashing with the UAP, Lerdo de Tejada adjusted altitudes. Even so, the lights continued to pursue the airplane, keeping about a half mile behind it. Due to the persistence of the UFO, the captain and crew made the decision to make an emergency landing. Not until the aircraft was near landing, did the unidentifiable object finally stop trailing it.


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