David Marler

Health Care Worker & UFO researcher
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Health care worker and UFO researcher has amass of one the largest collections of UFO memorabilia and database on the planet.

Health care worker and an esteemed UFO researcher David Marler was to the study of unidentified flying objects began before he joined MUFON in 1990. Over the years, he has ascended through the ranks from Trainee to Illinois State Director, and now continues his work independently. Renowned for his extensive collection of UFO literature and historical case files, Marler showed an openness and skepticism to his investigation of sighting reports, looking beyond the noise to identify what he believes could be genuine phenomena. In 2022, Marler announced the creation of the National UFO Historical Records Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the most extensive historical repository aimed at safeguarding and centralizing information on UFOs and UAPs within the United States.

Academically grounded with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a certification in Hypnotherapy, Marler has also contributed his expertise to the medical field, particularly in sleep disorders. Residing in Albuquerque, he balances his UFO research with a professional role in a global medical company.

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