Charles Berlitz

Writer & Polyglot
Source: Wiki

Wrote a famous 1980 book that claimed the 1947 Roswell incident involved a real UFO crash and a government coverup.

Charles Berlitz grew up speaking different languages and spoke at least eight languages fluently by the time he reached puberty. At a young age he worked for the family language school, Berlitz Language Schools. In the 1960's, the family company was sold to a publishing company, and Charles left to become a writer. Berlitz was interested in paranormal phenomena, and wrote books on Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle and the Roswell incident. He subscribed to the Ancient Astronaut theory, believing extraterrestrials had visited the Earth in the past. According to a 2003 New York Times article, Berlitz spent 26 years as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army.

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