Chad Underwood

U.S. Navy Pilot
Source: NYMag

US Navy aviator that filmed the Nimitz UFO sighting and unwittingly gave it the name "Tic Tac"

Chad Underwood, a Navy lieutenant at the time of the Nimitz encounter, captured the UAP on film on a separate F-18 flight an hour later using high-tech ATFLIR targeting pod. He was able to see the oblong object about 10 to 15 miles off of his aircraft, but there were no identifiable wings, exhaust, or heat being emitted which should be able to be seen at that distance. Then, the object began offensively jamming his radar.

Underwood explained that the 80 million dollar fighter and FLIR should be able to track the object and stay with it. However, the UFO, evaded detection and took off at supersonic speeds. Unable to explain the object's movement and ability to elude tracking, Underwood explained, "That darting off to the left, because, you know, as I'm tracking it, you know, from my radar to my FLIR, I see that kind of stuff daily. However, my radar and FLIR should be able to account for that kind of discrepancy. And so once it shot off to the left, immediately aggressively maneuver my fire to the left to try to require and it moved with a velocity that I've not seen, I should be able to reacquire that aircraft."

Once Underwood flew back and was debriefed he humorously described the object as looking like a "Tic Tac" in a slight nod to the movie Airplane where a craft is described as looking similar to a Tylenol. The term stuck. To this day, Underwood is unable to account for what he saw nor come up with any plausible explanation.

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