Alfred O'donnell

U.S. Air Force
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Measured the amount of energy emitted from nuclear weapons at Area 51 and claimed that the Roswell craft and bodies were both hoaxed by the Soviets.

Alfred O'Donnell was employed for EG&G, which worked for many of the United States's most secretive facilities. The company developed and tested nuclear weapons and bombs. O'Donnell worked at Area 51 in the early 1950s and specialized in recording the amount of energy emitted from nuclear explosions.

After the Roswell incident, O'Donnell claims to have seen the crashed vehicle and bodies. According to him, they were both Russian hoaxes in an attempt to cause panic in the United States. O'Donnell believed that the Russians disconfigured humans to put in the craft. George Knapp claimed that O'Donnell told him a different story, in which the Roswell crash was a UFO and involved the recovery of real extraterrestrial bodies.

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