Muhammed Ali UFO Encounters

Screenshot of Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton and Johnny Carson on the September 7, 1973 Johnny Carson Show.
Screenshot of Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton and Johnny Carson on the September 7, 1973 Johnny Carson Show.

On the September 7, 1973 Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Muhammed Ali described his encounters with, and ongoing interest in UFOs.

Ali appeared along with Ken Norton on the Johnny Carson show, and he didn't waste time getting into the subject: "I've been studying UFOs. Did you know there are UFOs out here flying around...I've seen them at night...I actually have moving pictures of little saucers and grey steel objects...and I'm just surprised that people don't talk more about it."

Carson then talks about how people have been observing satellites in the sky, and Ali quickly brushes him off and continues to reassert that these objects are real, and that he thinks they are extraterrestrial in origin. He appeared to be serious and even mildly frustrated that Carson is making light of his statements, and repeatedly brought Carson back to the subject.

An article on attributes more detailed (but uncited) accounts from Ali:

"I happened to look up just before dawn, as I often do while running, and there hovering above us was this brilliant light hanging as if by an invisible thread. At first I thought it was a beacon projected from a helicopter. But moments later a similar object passed in front of us. I brought it to the attention of my trainer, who was standing nearby. We watched them come from behind the skyline and move slowly across the sky for at least 15 minutes."

"...The closest one happened when a cigar-shaped ship hovered briefly over a car I was a passenger in one night driving north on the New Jersey Turnpike. What a sight that was. We could see the shadow made by the UFO as it passed over the pavement of the road in the light of the full moon."

"Before I could blink my eyes, this light had come down toward the mountains until it hovered right above the valley here. I knew I couldn't be dreaming. Sure enough, it was still there. This had to be one of those big ships they talk about! The UFO was streamlined and shaped sort of like a cigar, but blunt on both ends. I couldn't see any windows or anything, but I'm certain there must have been people onboard."


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